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The companionship of a pet can be like medicine for the soul, but our dogs and cats need medicine of their own to spend as many years as possible with us. At Ocoee Animal Hospital in Ocoee, FL, we use our experience and knowledge to not only help pets stay healthy, but also help their owners be confident and informed caregivers. We don’t just care for pets; we care for their people, too.

Ocoee Animal Hospital offers healthcare services to support your four-legged family member for a lifetime, including wellness care, vaccinations, lab diagnostics, surgery, and allergy management. Wherever your pet is in life, our veterinary team in Ocoee will always be here to support and guide you for the long term. Call us at (407) 656-6050 to schedule an appointment for your Ocoee pet today.

Or call us at (407) 656-6050

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Meet Our Ocoee Animal Hospital Team

Get to know our veterinary team before even walking in the door! We’re dedicated to making sure all your pet’s needs are met, and we want you to feel familiar and comfortable with our practice from the moment you arrive. Our veterinarians and staff look forward to meeting you and your pet and partnering with you to keep them healthy and happy for life.

Our Healthcare Services for Dogs and Cats

At Ocoee Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of services to improve and extend your pet’s health and lifespan in Ocoee. Keeping them safe from acute and chronic illness, parasites, and other issues is key, and we can achieve that with:

Call us at (407) 656-6050 to schedule an visit with our Ocoee vets today.

Wellness Care

We all want our pets to stay well at every stage of life. Our veterinary team recommends annual health checks, including a physical exam and blood work, to assess your pet’s condition and address any existing issues.


Our dogs and cats need and benefit from dental care just as much as we do. With good oral hygiene, pets are less prone to gingivitis and dental disease, which can lower their quality of life and even shorten their lifespan.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries for pets, including routine spays and neuters. Our animal hospital uses advanced equipment and superior training to safely administer anesthesia and pain control to make surgery easier for our patients.