Helping to Treat Cat and Dog Allergies in Ocoee, FL

If your pet is itching and scratching like there’s no tomorrow, they might have allergies. For many dogs and some cats, allergies are a seasonal problem and can’t be permanently cured. However, with the help of our team in Ocoee, you can alleviate your pet’s symptoms so they can live a happier, more comfortable life. We frequently work with pet owners to manage all kinds of skin disorders and allergies in dogs and cats, and are more than able to help you find the answers you need to improve your pet’s condition.

Is your pet an allergy sufferer? To find out, contact us today at (407) 656-6050.

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Signs of Allergies in Dogs and Cats

As with many other conditions in our animal companions, allergies are not always immediately obvious. Here are some of the things we see in pets that suffer from allergies:

  • Excessive scratching and licking of the skin
  • Licking and chewing of the paws
  • Rubbing at eyes and ears
  • Runny eyes
  • Patches of missing fur
  • Red, raw skin
  • Swollen, red ears
  • A noticeable odor coming from the ears and skin
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Finding the Right Treatment for Allergies in Pets

Allergies in dogs and cats aren’t always easy to treat, especially if your pet has developed a secondary infection of the skin due to scratching and licking all the time. At Ocoee Animal Hospital, we see a lot of skin disorders, allergies, and ear infections; mainly in dogs! But as common as these problems are, there is always a solution.

Treating allergies in pets starts with a physical exam to check for outward signs of an allergy or skin problem. To get more information about your pet’s condition, we might recommend blood work, a skin scraping, a skin cytology, or other testing. Our goal is to isolate any possible allergens, too, and see if we can help you limit your pet’s exposure to those culprits.

Additionally, if your pet has a bacterial skin infection, we will need to treat it with antibiotics. Along with anti-itch medication, we can give your pet relief and help their skin heal.

If you need help treating your itchy and possibly allergic pet, call us at (407) 656-6050.