Why We Spay and Neuter in Ocoee, FL

Based on your pet’s health and behavior, we might recommend a spay or neuter procedure to improve their quality of life. Spaying and neutering are surgeries that, over the years, have helped to reduce animal overpopulation and help more shelter animals find homes. As important as it is to spay and neuter to benefit pets, we recommend these surgeries based on our patients’ unique needs. At Ocoee Animal Hospital, we respect the individual needs of pets and pet owners, and tailor their care to what works best for them and their circumstances.

If you’d like to discuss your pet’s needs and the prospect of having them spayed or neutered, get in touch with us by calling (407) 656-6050.

Pet Spay And Neuter In Ocoee Fl

Why a Spay or Neuter Might be Beneficial to Your Pet

Studies have found some connections between spaying and neutering, and pets living longer. This will vary from one pet to another, but there are certain health risks and behaviors that can be reduced with spay and neuter surgeries.


Spaying female dogs and cats can help to:

  • Reduce their risk for ovarian, uterine, and breast cancer
  • Prevent a serious infection of the uterus called pyometra
  • Limit hormonal behaviors, such as roaming and vocalizing


Neutering male dogs and cats can:

  • Reduce aggressiveness, especially when in-heat females are nearby
  • Limit hormonal behaviors such as roaming, mounting, urine spraying, and vocalizing
  • Reduce their risk for testicular and prostate cancers
when to spay or neuter my pet

At What Age Should My Pet be Spayed or Neutered?

We spay and neuter pets based on their health, size, and maturity. Extra-large and giant dog breeds typically have to wait until they are at least a year old to undergo their surgery. This is due to their growth rate, which is fueled by their sex hormones.

Smaller dog breeds and cats can usually be spayed or neutered sooner, but this also depends on their health and well-being. We will need to examine your pet, review their medical history, and better understand their needs and lifestyle before recommending a spay or neuter procedure.

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